You need to make decisions in real time. Shouldn't your analytics platform do the same?

Collect, process and view all your data in in real time

The Apmetrix platform is comprised of real-time, streaming data collection from virtually any source, on demand data processing and cross channel analytics as well as a broad set of visualization and data extraction capabilities – all designed to meet the requirements of any game or app developer regardless of size.

We provide a full featured data collection and processing platform to make structured and unstructured data available for data federation, visualization, and real-time reporting. Translation.... it’s lightning fast.

Enterprise level business intelligence that scales

Process billions of rows of data from any source. This model of continuous data collection is made possible through the use of a scale-out model designed from the ground up to handle ever-increasing data volumes. We use a highly scalable, proprietary database back end that chews through terabytes of data with ease.

Whether you are a small or large publisher, our enterprise class platform delivers scalability that can grow with your business.

Fully customizable dashboards that look amazing

Our fully customizable dashboards are second to none. Create unlimited reports with each having the ability to display multiple windows of data, all containing one or multiple correlated data sources. Each window is independent and can be formatted in any way you like to suit your visual preference.

Build report windows easily, on the fly and all in real time using our easy drag and drop Data Wizard tool. No SQL or other programming required.

Detect fraud and pirated apps and decide whether or not to accept data

Practically every app is hacked within 3 days of release... It's a constant battle. You release it only to find out it's already on the pirate boards almost immediately. And even worse, if it's a big hit, the financial impact is
substantial, not to mention what it does to your virtual economy. Our platform allows you to selectively filter out fraudulent data and identify where the traffic is coming from. Keep your virtual economy fine tuned!

What if you could detect a user engaging with a hacked version and instead of shutting them out you let them play for a while and then serve ads to them? It's time to turn the tables and make money from the pirates!

Proximity beacon support

Our AppBeacon technology fully supports proximity beacons for use in retail stores, public or sports venues, trade shows or practically anywhere there's a need to track location with pinpoint accuracy to engage with your customer.

Imagine being able to send a push notification or other offer when your customer is right in front of your product or service and deliver a coupon, reward or other in-app content immediately.

All beacon data is automatically tracked by our analytics platform allowing you to visually see where and how your customers interact with your product or service.