Automatically Engage Users

Use our automated marketing solution to send unlimited push notifications and emails to users based on their individual behavior. Create custom segments and send messages in any language in each country's time zone to drive user retention and conversion.

Connect All Your Data in One Place

Automatically collect all of your real time and other data in one place allowing you a 360 degree view of your business. Automatically download data from dozens of sources including iTunes, Google Play, Twitter, Facebook, Flurry, Mixpanel, Chartboost, Fiksu, HasOffers, YouTube, Adobe and many more, all in one dashboard.

Global Ad Exchange

The Apmetrix Ad Exchange allows app publishers to maximize revenues by delivering 85% revenue share with high fill rates from over 120 global demand partners with one single SDK.

Next Generation Analytics

We do way more than just analytics. Our business intelligence platform delivers powerful next generation cross channel information at scale, allowing you to see user behaviors, social sentiment and all key data from many sources.

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Enterprise level business intelligence gives you a 360 degree view of your business

State-of-the-art technology delivers unprecedented insights in real time

Track unlimited custom events and create segments on the fly to deeply understand user behavior

Cross channel analytics allows you to see what social media and other influences drive user engagement

Collect data from over 100 data sources automatically all in one platform

Support for many sources including Flurry, iTunes, Google Play, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Chartboost, HasOffers, Mixpanel, Adobe Site Catalyst, Oracle, custom connectors and many more

Stop spending countless hours manually logging into numerous dashboards

Automated marketing tools allow you to send messages and emails to drive user retention, engagement and increase revenues

Schedule campaigns and send individualized notifications based on user behavior

Send messages in any language in each country’s local time zone to drive organic installs and conversions

A complete monetization solution for all apps.

120+ demand partners and networks all bidding on your inventory in real time

85% revenue share is highest in industry

One SDK supports all ad sizes and formats; video, interstitials and banners

Track user LTV by ad channel. View impressions, clicks and installs in real time


Finally, all your data in one place.
Anywhere, anytime, at scale.

Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari
"Understanding how users behave delivers real power to those who know how to interpret it. Apmetrix delivers an unparalleled analytics platform like no other I've seen and I'm extremely proud to be a part of the team."
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